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You feel like the day that your bundle of joy arrives can’t get here soon enough, and then before you know it, your pregnancy experience is over. How will your family remember all of the miraculous little details? The glow of your skin, those fluttering kicks, the exciting emotions, and the endless belly kisses. A Maternity Portrait Session is the perfect way to capture the wonder of this unique time in a stunning, unforgettable way.

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Maternity photoshoot - Bunbury - Southwest


Maternity Mini 



• Up to one-hour studio session 

• 5 Digital images via download

• Access to our client

wardrobe & accessories

• Instant viewing session

Maternity Classic



• Up to one-hour studio session

• 10 Digital images via download


• 2 Backdrop setups

Access to our client

wardrobe & accessories

•  Instant viewing session 

Maternity Gold



•Up to two-hour studio 


• 15 Digital images via download

• 2/3 Backdrop setups

Access to our client

wardrobe & accessories


• Instant viewing session 

A $100 deposit will secure your session and the balance for your chosen collection is paid on the day of the session.

" Prices are subject to change without notice and not honored untill session fee is paid"

Maternity photo session 

Bunbury & Southwest

Maternity portraits are generally captured around 28-34 weeks when your belly is beautifully round and you’re still feeling comfortable for a variety of poses. Of course, maternity portraits may be captured up to the very last day of pregnancy, and I try my best to allow flexibility in my calendar for last-minute openings. With your glowing skin and lustrous hair, there’s no time more beautiful in a woman’s life. Timing can be different for everyone, so please be in touch as soon as possible to book your appointment.


I understand how to pose a pregnant woman in the most flattering ways, and I take time to carefully perfect each pose. I will gently guide you throughout your session to perfect all the little details, and make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your maternity session. If you have concerns about some areas you are not happy with, let me know and those will be addressed with fabrics, lighting, posing, or retouching.

My aim is to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible whether it be your first time having a professional portrait session or whether you are in front of the camera regularly. When you are at ease and feeling beautiful it will shine through in your images.

What to wear

I have a variety of wardrobe options in my studio, including fitted maternity gowns, lace robes, and silk fabrics to accentuate your curves.

These may be used in addition to, or instead of, items that you have in your own maternity wardrobe. Nudity or implied nudity is always a classic way to remember your pregnancy curves and is completely optional.

Lily Pic Photography Studio

Your maternity session will take place in my studio. That's where you will have access to the studio wardrobe, the different backgrounds, the lovely natural light as well as my studio lighting.

Lily Pic Photography is a boutique family portrait photography studio in Bunbury | South West |specializing in portrait, maternity photography, newborn photography, and family photography. We strive to create an enjoyable experience while delivering stunning photos of the highest quality. 

Maternity photography

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience, and these invaluable memories are captured as art with lily Pic Photography. With over a decade of experience, Bunbury maternity photographer Mahsa is specializes in fine art studio photography. Her maternity photography celebrates the voluptuous curves and natural glow of pregnancy.

Maternity photographer

Lily Pic Photography photos are infused with the excitement and anticipation of pregnancy. Maternity photography clients love lily Pic Photography attention to details. My maternity photography focuses on the shape, shadows, and emotions of pregnancy. Most importantly, my photos capture the joy of motherhood, and the special bond between parents and child.  Bunbury Maternity photographer Lily Pic Photography does his sessions in-studio, or on location.  Each setting offers its own unique lighting and mood. A new baby coming into a home is no doubt going to receive a lot of love. I always try to include photographs that focus on the strong bond between mom and dad, because bringing a new child into the world with someone you love is, without a doubt, love in its purest form. As a maternity photographer in Bunbury & southwest, that is my ultimate goal.

Maternity Photography Bunbury - Lily Pic Photography

This session is generally scheduled around 28 – 32 weeks. Lily Pic Photography view your maternity photography session as the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Lily Pic Photography looks forward to capturing your maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography, Portrait Photography and family photography to be treasured for years to come. Maternity photography is a beautiful thing. Women in Bunbury & Southwest love their baby from the moment they know that he or she is growing inside of them. There is nothing like it in the world, and it is a memory that will be cherished forever. The problem is that many times a woman does not feel attractive during pregnancy. A professional Bunbury maternity photographer knows the right angles to shoot and will provide you with beautiful, tasteful, and flattering maternity photography that will be a treasured keepsake. I capture time in photos, this is a time that you can now capture forever. Maternity photography is truly art at its very best. Professional Bunbury maternity photographer Lily Pic photography knows how to manipulate the studio lighting to get the best affect.


A maternity photographer based in Bunbury focuses on the female and her natural essence, and enabling the true personality of each mom-to-be to come through. Highlights and shadows and surrounding details all come together to create a masterpiece, thanks to the skill and talent of a South West maternity photographer Lily Pic photography. The final images reflect breathtaking silhouettes and beautiful lines unique to the woman herself is transformed into a work of photographic art - maternity photography - that is flawlessly timeless. Among the most accomplished and renowned pregnancy artists, Bunbury maternity photographer Lily Pic photography love making pregnant women feel beautiful. Lily Pic Photography - a Bunbury maternity photographer presents you with image quality that is both beautiful and exceptional. They are creative and really know how to capture that true natural beauty of a woman and her pregnancy. These are pieces that can be passed down through several generations, and will be adored by everyone who sees them, thanks to the skill of maternity photographer Lily Pic Photography, Bunbury, Southwest,Perth

Lily Pic Photography - Bunbury ,Perth, Southwest Maternity Photographer:

Whether you are having timeless family portraits created, or you are wanting something done of a more private nature, a maternity photographer will give you photos that you'll love. The true beauty that shows through is beyond description. You actually have to see for yourself, and even then it is hard to believe. Even if you had no intention of sharing your maternity photography, you will want these classic beauties to be seen, at least by close friends and relatives. Lily Pic  photography is beautifully taken, lighting is perfect to flatter the silhouette and then the editing process takes the actual finished product to extraordinary heights. You

will see your maternity photography and have a whole new appreciation for both the art, and for your body during pregnancy. You will finally see how truly beautiful that you and that pregnancy can be.