Glamour photography is a form of photography that focuses on the models used in the photography, highlighting their natural features in a way that is meant to be flattering and artistic.

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Firstly, Let’s Talk Outfits

Irrespective of how you want to be portrayed, above all else it is important to include outfits that you feel the most comfortable in and which flatter your figure. By doing so, your self-confidence will absolutely show through in your portraits and help lead to incredible results. Inner-confidence is always evident in portraiture. When we feel good, we look good!

For women who normally wear makeup, you will want to achieve a natural-looking skin tone ensuring you cover any blemishes. If you have any last-minute breakouts, don’t worry as these can be retouched digitally during your portrait processing.

Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, with your skin fresh and your hair clean, remember, we’re going to make you look fabulous!

Make sure your clothes are looking their best — iron your clothes before your session,

Be aware that your Elegant Glamour often reveals a little skin, so anything like elastic, tight-fitting clothes, and even bras and underwear can leave unsightly marks which we may not be able to remove in editing, so it’s best to get changed just before we shoot…We have a private area for you to get changed.

You should also ensure that all clothing and outfit labels have been removed and outfits are packed well in advance to leave you feeling relaxed and organised for your session.

It is recommended to think about hair and makeup beforehand. You are always welcome to browse different looks online for inspiration. Pinterest and Google are great places to look for ideas and concepts.

What Accessories Should I Bring To My Professional Photo Shoot?

You may wish to accessorise your outfits with items such as your favourite jewelry, necklaces, and scarves which you would like included within your portraits.

If you are planning on gifting your portraits, you may also wish to include items that will likewise be meaningful to your significant other. Take the time to look through your belongings in advance that you might like to bring with you to your photo session.

If in doubt, it’s best to bring along items with you on the day. Worst case, you won’t use them. However, this is much more preferable to leaving them at home than wishing you had brought them after all!

Other Tips To Help You Prepare

The day prior to your photo shoot, you should ensure you bathe, shave and moisturise to ensure your skin is both clean and vibrant. You should also ensure that all clothing and outfit labels have been removed and outfits are packed well in advance to leave you feeling relaxed and organised for your session.

It is also ideal that if you wax you do so a few days before your shoot to ensure your skin isn’t showing any redness during your session.

If you are considering a fake tan, it’s best to trial this in advance to ensure you’re happy with your results. We don’t recommend experimenting at the last minute in the off-chance you aren’t happy.

Be Sure to Chat With Your Photographer

You can discuss with your photographer prior to making your booking all the aspects and things that you should consider before arriving on the day. This will ensure you are looking and feeling fabulous and your absolute best throughout your glamour photo shoot.

Don’t leave anything to chance, and be sure to prepare nice and early to ensure you make the most of your photo shoot experience. 

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