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 $350 Per Hour

• Minimum 2 Hours

•  High resolution digital images

A $100 deposit will secure your session and the balance for your chosen collection is paid on the day of the session.

" Prices are subject to change without notice and not honored untill session fee is paid"

Family photography:

Lily Pic Family photography captures the adorable moments and intense love of family. As your family grows, these invaluable memories are captured by lily Pic Photography with family photography. Drawing on over a decade of experience in family photography, Bunbury photographer Lily Pic Photography specializes in fine art studio photography and lifestyle family photography. Lily Pic Photography has gained a reputation as an esteemed Bunbury family photographer. Our family photography celebrates the family's relationships. As a seasoned Southwest family photographer, Lily Pic family photography is infused with the whimsy of family hood. Lily Pic Photography Bunbury Family photography clients love our attention to detail, and our family photography focuses on the special bond between parents and children. Your SouthWest the best family photography session generally lasts 1-1.5 hours. Lily Pic Photography view your family photography session as the beginning of a beautiful relationship. They look forward to capturing your Glamour Photography, maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography, and child photography to be treasured for years to come.

The Advantages Of Having A Family Photographer

We all love family photography, and some of us are always on the lookout for the next most unique moment to go clicking. In Bunbury, as well as elsewhere, it is not uncommon to find that even the best moments captured do not resemble what we pictured. Just like photographing landscapes or pets, family photography also requires a specific skill set, albeit related to photography and unless you are aware of these, you are much better off with a family photographer.

Lily Pic Photography, best Family Photographer Bunbury

Without hiring a family photographer, what most people fail to understand is that simply owning a camera does not make someone a professional family photographer. Photography is not simply clicking your subjects, but requires a great deal of knowledge about shutter speed, aperture, and exposure of natural light, family photographer using the flash or any other artificial light and several other factors. More importantly, a family photographer knows how to work with your subjects, make them feel comfortable, pose them in a flattering manner in a setting that does not distract them.  In Bunbury, understanding natural light, and post processing are areas of expertise all their own. Lily Pic Photography - an esteemed Bunbury Family Photographer understands all of these.

 Best Soutwest Family Photography:

 Best Family Photographer – Lily Pic Photography, Bunbury

There are some basics that one must know about family photography and that includes posing, positioning the frame, using the right background and also placing the camera at the right place. If you are clicking two members of your family, then it may not be tricky but how about twenty people at a gathering or party. Such situations call for a Bunbury photographerFamily photography involving so many people can be quite a task unless you are a seasoned Bunbury professional.

Esteemed Bunbury family photographer Lily Pic Photography:

You may take half an hour and yet not manage to fit everyone in Bunbury. Without a family photographer, once the snap is taken you may realize that half of their faces are out of focus or has soft focus. This is why you would need a family photographer in the SouthWest or anywhere you live in to ensure that the family photography experience does not become a futile one.  Hire a Bunbury family photographer and cherish the memories forever.